When Does a Newspaper Pay Wall Work?
News from Bloomberg:

Welcome back to “bloomberg west.” al jazeera america launches in the united states today.

The network will initially be available in 40 million households.

The network president joined us earlier today.

Take a listen to what she had to say.

It is not the number of outlets, it is the quality of the news you’re getting.

Many of the cable channels have a particular be nt, conservative, liberal, many of them have a particular area like yours, financial news.

The networks have a smaller amount of time on the broadcast networks.

We are going to be creating content that is going after the stories we have not really seen, the areas we do not have euros.

Al jazeera america bought our current tv, although time warner cable opted not to carry the new network.

Jeff bezos recently jumped into the newspaper business when he walked — but “the washington post.” the newspaper business is under radical change.

One example,the “san francisco chronicle” tested a pay wall and dropped it.

Here to discuss that is phil bronstein, he served as executive vice president and editor for the chronicle and is now the chairman at the center for investigative reporter.

He is here with me in studio.

Nice to have you here.

I feel i have to did my own grave and lie down into it.

You are here to talk with us about i…………… continues on Bloomberg

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Alabama Newspaper Previews Football Event For Women With A Heaping …
News from BuzzFeed:

2. The piece previews a women’s “clinic” by the Senior Bowl in conjunction with Al.com. This is the initial opening to the article:

Football can be a confusing and often vexing concept, especially for women. To the uninitiated it appears to be a swirling mass off big-bodied young men flying about a field, trying to wrestle an odd-shaped ball from a bunch of other muscle-bound men. It is four-hours of yelling and screaming running about in frenzy of color and pageantry.

Well, there is one thing that women understand about the game of football and all the hoopla that goes with it and that is the actual game is a good excuse for a party. And every party, regardless of the setting, needs a good menu to keep the party going.

Randy Kennedy, the community news director for Al.com, spoke to BuzzFeed about the article.

“We apologize for the turn of phrase that offended people. We take very seriously the concerns of our readers and viewers and want to act appropriately.”

He said that while the Senior Bowl website says AI.com is co-hosting the event, it is just doing promotion for it.

He echoed Holloway’s comments that the event is no…………… continues on BuzzFeed

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