Former Northern Kentucky newspaper editor Vance Trimble celebrates his 100th …
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WEWOKA, Okla – Forget the birthday party for Vance Trimble, the cantankerous former editor of The Kentucky Post and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist who is turning 100.

Instead, Trimble wants the chance to buy all of his friends a drink at what’s being billed as a “Century Celebration.” His daughter expects about 100 guests to pour in from all over the country to toast her father at the country club in Wewoka, population 3,406.

“I hate the hell out of [turning 100]… but it’s going to happen,” Trimble said a few days before the big event. “If you’re going to do something about it, celebrate.”

For Trimble there’s much to celebrate. Not only did he win the 1960 Pulitzer, but also journalism’s coveted Triple Crown of the Pulitzer, the Raymond Clapper Award and the Sigma Delta Chi that year for his reporting that exposed governmental nepotism. Then there are the 13 hardcover books he’s written on topics as varied as Sam Walton and hyperbaric oxygenation. And there’s his 17-year career as a feisty newspaper editor in Northern Kentucky.

“My policy was anybody can get in the paper and nobody can stay out,” said Trimble about how he ran The Post, beginning in 1963. “I didn’t want anyone to pull anything over on us. No crime went uncovered by us.”

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